Last Links: Giant Air Spill At Offshore Wind Farm. Residents Enjoy The Breeze

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Reddit user R-Legit broke news of a major "air spill" at an offshore wind farm. No damage to wildlife was reported. "Some claim to enjoy the breeze." In the words of one brilliant commenter, "Blow baby, blow."

Someone please buy me one of these for my birthday? And yes, I’m a font snob. We’re all font snobs. We don’t just blog in Georgia, we think in Georgia.

While we’re on the subject of things that give me nightmares: typos. They cause death, destruction, and embarrasment for all. Did you know that Popeye was wrong? Spinach isn’t all that good for you.

We’re just going to keep saying this – before you post dumb shit on your Facebook wall, think about whether you’d feel comfortable with your mother, your boss, your boyfriend, and God reading it? No? Then write it in your fucking diary and hide it beneath your pillow.

And finally, actress Lynn Redgrave died this afternoon after a seven-year battle with cancer, the third death in the family after the loss of Natasha Richardson last year and Corin Redgrave last month. RIP to all.