Reebok (And Photoshop) Make Helena Christensen Look Super Hot

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What do we think of this Reebok athletic shoe ad, featuring one-time supermodel/champion of the world, Helena Christensen? First of all, before you say anything, know that Helena knows it’s Photoshopped to death, but she’s thrilled with that:

"With my busy schedule it’s a perfect way to do something without spending hours in the gym," the Vogue cover girl explained. "I’m impatient, when I try something I like to see results immediately. I could feel these working right away which is why I’ve stuck with them."

"Living in New York, I like to walk everywhere, so to have trainers that tone your legs and butt as you walk is fantastic. You can really feel them working and I’ve noticed a difference in just a few weeks. They are comfortable to walk in, it almost feels like you are walking on sand, but by the end of the day you can feel it in your legs almost like you have done a workout. [Vogue UK]

According to Vogue, the above-pictured trainers are specifically designed to reshape your ass as you walk… thanks, NASA.