The Hype Line

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Welcome to the Hype Line, where we tell you the five things that are getting us excited for the week ahead.

May 4

Broken Social Scene’s Forgiveness Rock Record: The Canadian indie mega-group will release their fourth studio album tomorrow (though you can already stream it here), and if you’ve ever thought that BSS could use more synthesizers, this is apparently the album for you. Some people are understandably nervous when a beloved group starts experimenting, but it’s hard to argue with a record that contains bits and pieces from Feist, Metric, and Stars (among many others). Now if only that other Canadian indie mega-group The New Pornographers weren’t releasing their own album, Together, on the exact same day.

May 5

Someone’s Coming Out in People: Publicist Howard Bragman announced a couple weeks ago that some famous person will be opening his or her closet door Wednesday (though conventional wisdom seems to be going with "her", and with "her" being Queen Latifah). It’s always great to see another out celebrity, but we’re just impressed that Bragman managed to score some primo talk-show time without revealing the person’s identity. (Which would have seemed more amazing had we not just discovered that Sandra Bullock managed to hide a baby for months under intense media scrutiny.) If it turns out to be some nobody, the ladies of The View is gonna be pissed.

May 5

Cinco de Mayo: A few fun facts about Cinco de Mayo: it celebrates the defeat of French forces in 1862; in Mexico, it’s mostly observed in the state of Puebla; and it’s one of the few days no one can judge you for drinking beer from noon on. Like St. Patrick’s Day with better food or Columbus Day without the connections to genocide, Cinco de Mayo allows us all to superficially embrace one of the many wonderful cultures that make up this nation. Bring on the mariachi music.

May 7

Iron Man 2: Early reviews may have been all over the place — The Hollywood Reporter panned it, Ain’t It Cool News loved it, etc. — but there’s doubtful a review out there that could completely squash the goodwill earned by its predecessor. But this movie can count on one thing to attract even casual comic-book fans (and it’s not Scarlett Johansson in a catsuit, though we’re sure that helps, too). With Samuel L. Jackson’s role as Nick Fury, as well as rumored appearances by/mentions of/references to Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk, Iron Man 2 marks the start of the cinematic sprint towards 2012’s Avengers, a kind of Broken Social Scene version of a superhero movie, if you will. (We will.)

May 8

Betty White on Saturday Night Live: It seems almost perverse to be excited for Saturday Night Live, given this season’s iffy run so far. And with guests like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Rachel Dratch, the expectation (and the probability of disappointment) is ridiculously high. We know this. But we also know that no matter what, we’ll get to hear Betty White say, "Ladies and gentlemen, Jay-Z!" Of course, no one expects you to actually watch it eleven on a Saturday night; just rest assured you’ll have something worthwhile waiting on Hulu to nurse you through your hangover Sunday morning.