Who Will Play the Villain In The Next Batman Movie?

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Now that we know for sure that the follow-up to The Dark Knight is being made and has an actual release date (July 20, 2012), speculating about the film’s villain(s?) becomes a lot more fun. Before it was just wishful thinking that Christopher Nolan would make another one; now we get to geekily argue about who will play the Riddler (and yes, I’m just going to assume that Riddler will be the Big Bad, with all due respect to Bane and Clay Face).

G4 suggests Michael Emerson, and everyone from Johnny Depp to Eddie Murphy has been rumored for the role. Here are three potentials I think Nolan & Co. should choose from:

Alan Tudyk

I think he’s the perfect fit. Tudyk’s not a big name, but neither was Heath Ledger. He’s played a psychopath with multiple personalities (Dollhouse), and he’s also incredibly funny (Firefly, Death at a Funeral), without going to over-the-top (see below).

Sam Rockwell

We won’t know how well he acts in big-budget action films until Iron Man 2 is released later this week, but the man does crazy well (Moon) and he even looks pretty similar to the Riddler.

Jim Carrey

Remember when I mentioned going over-the-top? Well, if Nolan wants to destroy the Batman franchise so that no one can make another film for 20 years, why not Jim? He’s literally gone batshit crazy (no pun intended) and we could all use a little more of his red hair in our lives.
What do you guys think?