Florida State Senator Gets Caught Looking At Naked Women In Session

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State senator Mike Bennett responded saying, "Oh my God I told you to KNOCK first this is why I need a lock on the door JUST GET OUT." Oh, okay, not really. Here’s what he actually said:

Bennett defended his actions, telling Sunshine State News it was an email sent to him by a woman "who happens to be a former court administrator."

"I was just sitting there, bored as they were debating the abortion bill," Bennett said.

"I opened it up and said holy [expletive]! What’s on my screen? and clicked away from it right away."

Now, a cynical person might think, Suuuuuuure, because people often get photos of naked women sent to them via work email by professional acquaintances without any indication that what is contained therein is some NSFW fun times. And that, I suppose, would be reasonable.

On the other hand, I know that there was a time in my life (which is definitely, totally over now because I am a mature adult) when I enjoyed nothing more than sending my friends links in IMs to hardcore pornography while skillfully camouflaging them as cute cat videos. Ideally I would time it so that other people would be in the room.

What I’m trying to say is: I was very popular and had lots of friends who thought I was the best, always, and that state senator Mike Bennett was still probably looking at porn at work.

Via Towleroad.