Miley Cyrus Will Probably Do A Nude Scene Soon

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The BBC conducted a rather bizarre interview with music-and-TV sensation Miley Cyrus about the possibility of a nude scene in one of her upcoming films. Miley Cyrus who, of course, is 17.

Here’s the excerpt:

"The next film I’m doing is a French film called LOL… It’s Demi Moore and I – it’s really edgy

"But I’ll also do a fun film afterwards for all my fans, but if a cool film comes up that may seem a little old for my normal fans then I’m not going to pass it up."

[Would she do a nude scene if the role was right?] "It depends what the film is. If it’s something that’s classy – it just depends on the circumstances." [BBC]

There you have it. Let the horndogs start the countdown clock. Oy.