Victoria's Secret Catalog From 1977 Is Skinemax-Sexy

As one obviously 100%-correct commenter noted on The Chive: "…1977 was the final year of Victorian morales [sic] and the chaste conduct of american women, in 1978 cocaine and disco were invented and this led to rampant casual sex, nightclub debauchery and the multi-billion dollar porn industry (all credited to Al Gore btw)….I am certain these Victoria’s Secret models were nuns, thus negating any sexual reaction from male readers who might have accidently happened upon this advertisement…."


Three women, all pretending not to be looking at someone else's cleavage

First one to the second one: Gawwwd, why does she think she looks hawt with that perfume bottle... ugh!

Fill in your own caption for this one... I'm too busy ogling everything here.

'Scuse me, everyone-who-doesn't-think-this-girl-is-sexy-enough, I'm going to step into this photo... and eat her grapes.

Commentarium (6 Comments)

May 04 10 - 5:06pm

I love the shot of the three of them having tea. So classy

May 04 10 - 5:12pm

This is so much sexier than a Victoria's secret ad today.

May 04 10 - 6:36pm

Hah, brings back memories. I bet my mom wondered where all her Victoria's secret catalogs used to disappear to.

May 05 10 - 12:12am

What I like about this campaign is that these women look REAL. Much preferred to the photoshopped sex robot look of 2010.

May 05 10 - 12:24pm

Hey KS: I bet she knew!

Jan 28 11 - 10:27am
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