While You Were Sleeping: Tess Taylor’s Nude Bong Hit

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Good news, pro-choicers: an Oklahoma law, which would force pregnant women to get an ultrasound before having an abortion and will surely be ruled unconstitutional, has been blocked.

What would the internet taste like… as an ice cream flavor? (Don’t you dare make a joke like "two girls, one cup.")

For all of you still upset about Constance McMillen and her situation, here’s a big bright spot in NJ: "A cross-dressing teen from Cape May… was told by his principal that wearing a dress to his prom would ‘violate the school’s dress code.’" Fellow students signed a petition that eventually reached 600 names, enabling Lutz to wear the dress, bring a female date, and ultimately win Prom King.

25% of eating disorder sufferers are male, versus 10% just 20 years ago. Are skinny mannequins to blame?

Seth Green got married recently to a woman who has posed for Playboy. (Uncensored photo here.)

The next J.J. Abrams project? A film with Stephen Spielberg.

And we mentioned this yesterday but didn’t link to the pictures of an E! host’s nude photos, which feature her engaged in some ripping bong hits.