Woman’s Breasts So Big She Can’t Get Out Of Bed

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Surprisingly, her name is not Pamela Anderson, nor has she had a Heidi Montag-worthy amount of boob jobs. Julia Manihuari of northern Peru is no sex symbol, nor is her story anything that will get guys going.

Manihuari claims that, after having her son seven years ago, she became bedridden because her humongous breastises weighed her down like a pair of cement blocks…

"It was awful," she said. "If I tried to get up I would faint because my breasts were so heavy."

Manihuari, 29, who lives in northern rural Peru, was finally helped when local media paid for her to take a three-day boat trip to the nearest town for medical help.

Doctors believe she was suffering from a rare condition known as gigantomastia, which is characterized by excessive breast growth that may occur spontaneously during puberty or pregnancy, or while taking certain medications, according to the National Institues of Health. [Fox News]

Damn those crazy hormones. Ladies, do your big boobs keep you in bed and, if so, can we have your num– just kidding. Seriously, we want to know…