Another Sex Blogger Loses Her Job For Telling People Sex Is Fun

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Here we have a picture of Emily, aka the author of The Beautiful Kind,an anonymous sex blog set in St. Louis, Missouri, who was recently canned for her day job, thanks to Twitter.

Apparently, when TBK first signed up for the social networking site, her personal info appeared on her profile. She says she removed it immediately, but another site retained the info and eventually lead her boss straight to the sex site.

"The Beautiful Kind might make you blush," RFT‘s Kristen Hinman wrote of the blog. "Or it might make you barf. All depends on what the polyamorous, BDSM, swinging, all-around-sex-lovin’ ‘TBK’ has been up to within the last week. A single mother who does more than kiss and tell, TBK thinks of her blog as ‘a safe haven for perverts.’ Everyone’s welcome. Nothing’s off-limits. As she puts it, ‘I’ll try everything, except for children. Pedophilia — no way.’"

"My boss said that they couldn’t be associated with anyone who was posting graphic images and erotica, and they wanted me to pretend that I never even was there; they want nothing to do with me, they want to act like it never happened," recounts TBK, who had been in the position about a month. [Riverfront Times]

Is it still possible to get away with an anonymous online life or is it just too risky? What do you think?