Last Links: Fox News Bans Sustainable Energy Ad, Continues To Suck

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As a gigantic oil spill threatens to destroy the Louisiana coastline, Fox News has refused to carry an ad making the case for sustainable energy, in a continued effort to suck more than even we thought possible.

We all have our pop culture vices. (Team Jacob FTW!). Some genius has finally created a product that allows us to indulge in them, while still maintaining self-respect.

For all you slothful drunks out there: the World’s Laziest Margarita. You don’t have to bother figuring out what Cinco de Mayo celebrates, you can just drink these. Even lazier: the tequila shot.

Known ‘gay,’ Elton John, has been banned from playing a concert in Egypt because he is "a gay." Isn’t it weird how adding an article to adjectives and using them as nouns makes you sound so much more bigoted? It’s almost as bad as unnecessary plurals (see: the gays).

And just in time for Mothers’ Day, here’s a gallery of ridiculously awkward mom photos. Because Mother always knows best.