Women Are The Reason Men Are So Depressed, Says Dr. Obvious

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It’s all your fault! Well, most of it is, ladies. Why must you torture us so with your high maintenance and insistence on reciprocation for oral sex? Damn you, damn you hard.

All kidding aside, put down any dinner you might be eating and chew on these thoughts from Tim Lott, inspired by a report from Paul Farmer, a scientist and not to be confused with Dr. Paul Farmer of saving-Haiti fame. 

Being a lifelong sufferer of depression myself, I know that the main sources of it, along with the obvious ones of stress and genetic inheritance, are uncertainty and confusion.

The fluidity of the roles we are expected to play in modern life, both professionally and emotionally, and as fathers and husbands, can lead to a lot of painful doubt about what the role of a man actually is.

People can cope with a great deal of unhappiness if they are clear about where the unhappiness stems from and what can and can’t be done about it.

…like all too many other men I am very aware of the confusing expectations placed upon me.

Apart from anything else, if men confess a bout of depression to their wives or partners, they are not always guaranteed automatic sympathy — in fact they may elicit outright hostility.

So what is the solution to these very modern problems that are leaving so many men confused and unhappy? I can think of a few modest steps forward. First, perhaps women need to lower their expectations — of themselves, and their husbands. [Daily Mail]

What do we think of this? Are women too demanding of their men these days?