Erotica Is The One Bright Spot In The Publishing Industry

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It’s kind of old news, but we thought it was a fluke at first: erotic novels are what’s keep the publishing industry in bonuses and barely-paid associate editors.

Titles like "Candy Licker" and "Thong on Fire" remind some of us of bad porn movies (sorry for the double negative there), while others gobble them up as erotica. (Interestingly, MSNBC describes the average reader as a middle-class 40-something female.)

"Thong on Fire" may sound more painful than sexy, but erotic books like it may just help keep the struggling publishing industry afloat. The popular novel is by Noire, a “twenty-something” writer of urban erotic fiction who has sold hundreds of thousands of books since she started publishing just a few years ago. Her book sales are huge numbers in the world of publishing and have made her something of a minor celebrity.

How much you want to be "Noire" is a dude named Larry from Arkansas? Or a Nerve intern?

Do you guys really buy erotic literature or is it just like other forms of slightly risque, sexy stuff — you get it for free on the internet?