It’s Just Sex, Says Artist Who Sells It

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone covered a pair of sex partners in body paint and set them loose on a blank canvas, with the explicit instructions to carry out the deed? Raw sex fan Alexander Esguerra did just that, and now some art gallery has decided these wild paintings are worthy of an exhibition. What do you think?

From his publicist:

His work is a cultural examination of sex and the expressions of passion and adoration that exist in one singular moment. ["It’s Just Sex"] brings together numerous partners from around New York, without regard to gender, race or sexual identity. Each couple, covered in paint, has made love and engaged each other sexually on a blank canvas. The couples’ bodies are the literal brushes within their act of connection. From a mixed-race homosexual Queens couple to an adulterous Caucasian Manhattan professional with his Chinese-American mistress, each pairs’ sexual experience paints a unique canvas. Their labels are lost in the paint. Sex returns to its rawest form, representing two people’s expression of emotion.

Unfortunately, this looks like a once-in-a-lifetime experience (you know, unless you want to create one of these paintings in the privacy of your own sex dungeon), being held in New York City on May 22nd at the Keith Haring building.

Or you can just check out these promo pics and be satisfied: