Last Links: Courtney Love Is Good At Sex Because She’s Not Pretty

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Courtney Love is good at sex because, in her words, she was "never pretty." She also apparently wants to beat up Fred Durst.

Phoenix’s basketball team wore "Los Suns" ferseys at last night’s game, in an act of unexpected awesomeness. Major sports franchises are usually too concerned with the bottom line for such overt political displays.

The internet is all full of sensless-but-enjoyable ephemera today. Check out these guys throwing a little girl back and forth while she tries to dunk a ball. Half of me is watching because I want her to succeed and half out of the morbid fear she’s going to crash into the wall.

This is the best cake that references a deodorant commercial I’ve seen all day. Hell, all week! I’m on a horse.

And this is the best video of people getting hit in the face with waterfilled condoms I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s the best video of people getting hit with stuff in the face I’ve seen since the cupcake cannon.

Gatorade’s new ad campaign would like you to know that water is for sissy knuckle-draggers. I would like you to know that Gatorade is just water with coloring in it. But you probably don’t believe me.

I’m not sure when advertisements started being treated like cultural artifacts in their own right, but it happened. Here are the best ads Apple has ever made, enjoy. (True story: one year my boyfriend and I dressed up like Mac and PC for Halloween. No, not because we suck, because those commericals are great.)