Memo To The World: Women Enjoy Sex In Large Numbers

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A researcher at something called the Department of Family Relations and Human Development at Guelph University has released some findings that should finally shut up these idiots who think a woman should cook, clean and have no sexual longings of her own other than to serve her husband. Mainly, the researcher shows, because that’s not remotely possible.

Frustrated by the lack of research on women who actually have and enjoy sex, as opposed to studies on sexual dysfunction, for example, Jocelyn Wentland did some firsthand investigating. (No, not in that way, you pervs.)

“Even with all of the changes to stereotypes, as a society we continue to view sexual behaviour as belonging to either a man or a woman," she tells AlterNet. Her findings:

-Despite common stereotypes that you practically need a degree in aeronautics to unlock the mysteries of female sexual arousal, 88.4 percent of Wentland’s participants said they are "easily sexually aroused."

-Almost 75% "like to have sex once a day."

-80+% "really enjoy masturbating to orgasm," while almost none "feel guilt" afterward.

-68% say they are “the type of person who insists on having my sexual needs met.”

"Of the women who are casually dating and did not identify that their last sex partner was a committed partner – almost 32% have a regular casual sex partner, 42% a ‘fuck buddy’ or ‘friend with benefits,’ nine percent a ‘booty call,’ and 17 percent had had a one-night-stand."

Sure, it’s obvious stuff to us, but important for forwarding to brain-dead people who are still stuck in the 1950s…

Read the full AlterNet story here.