One In Ten Young People Is Having Sex All Wrong

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Attention, peer group: if you’re having sex, you do not need to answer your friend’s text about their new handcrafted dinner plates or the vegan lasagna they had for lunch or where they hid the bodies or whatever. Put the phone down. The text will still be there, waiting for you like the inconsequential distraction it is, when you’re done boning. This upsetting news about my contemporaries’ priorities comes from AdAge:

Would you answer a text during sex? If you’re younger than 25, one in 10 of you would.

The 25-plus age group was half as tolerant to electronic interruptions compared to the younger under-25 set. How about during a meeting? While you’re eating? Or even while, as the Retrevo Gadgetology Report recently asked, when you’re "on the john"?

Some 22%, 49%, and 24%, respectively, of online under-25-year-olds agreed they "could be interrupted by an electronic message" while doing any of those things.

Unless this is part of an elaborate sexual role play scenario that ends in group sex, I’m very disappointed in you all.