While You Were Sleeping: The Idea Of Sex

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Looks like Lindsay Lohan’s comeback isn’t going to be in the direction she wanted to go: she’ll be in a biopic of 70s porn sensation Linda Lovelace. 

Here’s one way Keanu Reeves can stop those gay rumors: date Charlize Theron.

It’s Mexico vs. Every Other Country In The World in the battle of the hottest female meteorologists.

Whaddya mean this is Fake Science? These facts look accurate to me…

For the 1,000th time, On The Road: The Movie is heading toward pre-production, this time with Kristen Stewart attached to play Marylou. This is either going to be the worst or best adaptation of next year — no in between.

This story is sure to be retracted by the end of the day, but someone was in the hospital thanks to a rolled-up Donny Osmond poster that was stuffed where it wasn’t ever meant to go.

How young were you when you noticed how stimulated you were by the idea of sex? Here’s a somewhat unusual story of a girl who went through book after book, looking for any reference to humping, at a very young age.