Comedy Central’s 2010-11 Lineup Looks Like It Might Be The Best Thing Ever

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Comedy Central knows how to scare away an audience. When Secret Girlfriend came out everyone was like "yeesh," and then when The Jeff Dunham Show debuted we were all "I hate that!" but when Krod Mandoon: The Worst LOTR Parody You’ve Ever Seen premiered, people literally starting flipping cars over in the streets. It was insane — 2009 was not their year. Thankfully, their 2010-11 lineup looks really, really freaking great. I am so glad that their old president of programing, Lauren Corrao, was let go or "stepped down" or whatever they’re telling people, because Kent Alterman is making a great first-year impression. Here are a few shows in development that we’ll hopefully get to see. If you want to see the whole list, go here.

"Jon Benjamin Has a Van: Newsmagazine style sketch show starring Jon Benjamin as an investigative reported doing human interest stories. Executive produced by Benjamin, Andrew Steele and Funny or Die."

 Jon Benjamin is a small part of everything that’s been right about comedy for the past ten years, though you may not remember his face or have even seen it. He played Coach McGuirk on Home Movies and is Archer on the FX animated series of the same name. He’s in most Demitri Martin sketches.

"Patrice O’Neal’s Guide to White People: Comedian Patrice Oneal’s take on race relations in a classroom setting and on the street. Executive produced by Michael Hirschorn and Gideon Evans."

Patrice O’Neal could yell everything that’s wrong about you into your face for half an hour and you would still think it’s the greatest. That’s probably what this show is.

"Rich Dicks: Based on the popular Funny or Die web short. Nick Kroll and Jon Daly star as two obnoxious rich dicks who party it up in Los Angeles with the help of their nanny Consuela, creating a mess in their wake.  Directed by Jon Krisel and executive produced by Krisel, Kroll and Daly."

If you just watch the short you’ll understand. Domo.

Also, very excited for the Untitled Reggie Watts Project, whatever Bob Odenkirk is producing now, and The Onion Sports Network show (the latter which premieres in January 2011). It all seems so far away.