This Is The Worst Advice Column Ever, According To 100% Of Its Readers

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Danny Dyer is some "D-list actor," as the Daily Mail describes him, over in the U.K., where people are looking for a distraction from economic troubles or heated national elections. Unfortunately, Dyer’s recent attempt at entertainment in the form of what might be called "advice" and definitely can’t be called "humor" failed in the most spectacular way imaginable.

Take a look at Dyer’s response to a perfectly reasonable question submitted to ZOO Magazine. (See "Ask Danny!")

Here’s the thing. This guy’s obviously and idiot and was obviously trying to be funny and likely didn’t mean to seriously suggest Alex from Manchester actually slash his ex-wife’s face. The real culprits here are ZOO’s editors, who somehow let this awful tripe go to press.

The immediate response was 100% outrage. There doesn’t seem to be one person on Twitter defending this prick… for the first time ever.