TSA Screeners Will Laugh At Your Small Penis

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As if we weren’t already terrified of these new X-Ray Body Scanners from our "friends" at the Transportation Security Administration, now we learn that TSA employees are too immature to operate the machines in the first place.

During a recent training session for TSA screeners at Miami International Airport, everyone was asked to walk through the body-scanning machines to try them out. Apparently, a tester named Roland Negrin was mocked by his boss for having a small penis and, when the jokes from other co-workers didn’t cease, Negrin struck back.

According to the police report, Negron confronted one of his co-workers in an employee parking lot, where he hit him with a police baton on the arm and back.

"[Negron] then told victim to kneel down and say ‘your sorry,’" the report reads. "Victim stated he was in fear and complied with [Negron]."

Negron was arrested the next day when he arrived for work. He told police he had been made fun of by coworkers on a daily basis.

"[Negron] stated he could not take the jokes anymore and lost his mind," the report reads. [NBC]

Do we really think these wage slaves are ready to operate these devices?