While You Were Sleeping: Sasha Grey Mounts Our TVs

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This ad for the Cami Secret cleavage cover is too ridiculous to be real… right?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is such a good guy, he cried over turning down an offer of investement money from someone he respected.

Today’s sad-but-spot-on Fark headline: "NJ Governor proposes cutting public school phys-ed requirements. Ironic: Governor himself weighs about 800 pounds. Oh, and there’s this: Makes announcement near McDonald’s drive-thru window." (While we don’t condone fat jokes, the Governor is not example a shining example of physical fitness…)

Sasha Grey is about to join "Entourage" as Vince Chase’s girlfriend. No word on any potential nudity to make that show worth watching again…

Yesterday’s election was a sweeping win for the conservatives — but not enough to avoid a hung parliament — in Britain.

A 19-year-old girl/woman was held in contempt for two days in Illinois after appearing in court wearing a shirt that read: ""I own the pussy, so I make the rules."

And as if the Sunday, May 23rd "Lost" finale weren’t already a sweeping epic, now ABC has agreed to expand it by another 30 minutes, making the program 4 1/2 hours including the retrospective show.