Betty White Has A Tasty Muff(in)

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We didn’t see the whole show, but the reviews from those who did are universal in their praise for Betty White on SNL. The 88-(and a half!)-year-old comedian brought her A-game to a series in dire need of some inspiration, and everyone came together to create a memorable episode.

One moment we wished we’d seen:

…in a filmed short that should find a robust afterlife online, "SNL" cast members paid tribute to White by singing "Thank You for Being A Friend," the theme of her classic sitcom, "The Golden Girls."

"Oh, that was just lovely," said White when they were finished. "But I think I prefer my version," whereupon she pulled a black ski mask over her face and led a growling, rip-roaring death-metal rendition that left everyone reeling. [Yahoo!]

Here’s one we did catch — stick with it… there’s a new catchphrase in there that we’ll all be using for the rest of the year:

Image from a recent Betty White appearance on Ellen.