California High School Talent Show Turns Stage Into A Strip Club

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First off, this story would be a helluva lot more amusing if the videos of this event hadn’t been removed from YouTube. Still, the tale of a high school talent show gone very, very right should still amuse most:

A typical high school talent show will have a few garage bands and solo "American Idol"-styled acts, plus some modern dance troupes and maybe even a weird poet or two. But what makes the Paramount High School (in Paramount, California) "Mr. Paramount" fashion show newsworthy is the performance by one group of teenage boys.

The boys stripped down, in some cases to their underwear or a Speedo, and had audience members at the Paramount High School talent show come up and place $1 bills into their undies… Said one [parent], "I was mortified. And they were simulating sexual acts on the stage."

[In one of the yanked videos], a boy — about 17 — is in jeans and t-shirt and what looks to be a Superman cape. He strips down to nothing but his socks and a Speedo.

The video continues with another student gyrating on the stage where audience members, male and female, race up to the stage to put money in the boy’s shorts.

The crowd, it should be noted, went wild for both performers egging them on. A few gasps could be heard as well as a couple of "oh my Gods!"

Luckily, that report from a TV station in Los Angeles includes a video, which you can watch here. Or check out this poorly-captured YouTube clip of another report:

Our favorite part of this is the kid who put this stunt together, who says he just wanted "to pump up the class." Governor Ahnuld has taught you well…