LA Times Tells Us The Secrets Behind “Skinemax”

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Warning: you may never look at Witches of Breastwick the same again. ("The same" being in a hotel room on a business trip when you’re just so alone or when you’re a thirteen-year-old boy.)

Because if you think it’s a wonderland of exposed breasts and artfully hidden dongs, a creative playground of the erotic mind filled with flowing curtains and pink lipstick outlined with dark red lip liner, a spray-tanned utopia populated by horny housewives and a fantastically willing service industry… well then, has Marc Greenberg, soft-core porn producer extraordinaire, got a description for you:

[It] just keeps going, like a cockroach — you can’t kill it.

That is the hotness. But just in case you were holding out hope that some sense of joy or artistry touches Tarzeena: Jiggle in the Jungle:

There’s nothing creative about this — you’re going to see sex in the first minute and you’re going to see sex every seven or eight minutes after that.

Thank you, Marc!

Via the Los Angeles Times.