Last Links: Reporter’s Freudian Slip, Tiger Woods’ “Bulging D*ck”

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A Golf Channel reporter – on Tiger Woods’ withdrawal from the Players Championship – said the golfer is suffering from "Bulging Dick.

In more, um, penile news, this is apparently a new dance craze. Although, agressive dry humping and baggy shorts do remind me of something. Oh yes: junior high.

I hope you remembered to call your mothers yesterday. And that your mothers are better than these ladies – the ten worst video game moms of all time. Princess Peach was an icy bitch.

This woman put together a list – Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Lesbian. I’d have thought they were pretty apparent, but who knows?

This death-metal cover of Ke$sha’s "Tik Tok" actually improves substatiantally upon the original. Although, the vocals have likely undergone the same amount of modification in each.

And finally, didn’t get enough Betty White on SNL this weekend? Here you go.