Maxim’s Hottest Woman Is Another Surprise Choice

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The eternal frat boys at Maxim have been teasing out there Top 100 list this year with excruciating slowness, like the time it takes you to respond to all the love letters we’ve been leaving on your windshield.

Luckily, this time, someone leaked the Top 10 list to the web, and while the rest of the world is stuck enjoying previously-announced winners Alessandra Ambrosio (#63) and, uh, Kella Ripa (#94), we have the winner:

Hey, at least they finally picked someone you’ve heard of before today. Below Ms. Katy Perry, the rest of the Top 10:

Brooklyn Decker

Zoe Saldana

Blake Lively

Megan Fox

Elisabetta Canalis

Olivia Munn

Marisa Miller

Kim Kardashian