While You Were Sleeping: Why Jesse Cheated

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As she celebrates ten years on the air, this Naked News anchor looks back on a storied career (so far.) "Becoming completely easy in my skin actually took a few years. Now however, I feel blessed to have completely shed inhibitions I never asked for in the first place."

President Obama’s Supreme Court pick is no surprise: she’s liberal on most issues, with the exception of executive power and dealing with terrorist detainees.

Iron Man 2‘s $133 million opening is the fifth-best of all-time, and far bigger than the first film’s.

The pill turned 50 yesterday, and some observers say it was more important for turning the country pro-choice than Roe v. Wade. What say you?

Fidel Castro says the BP oil spill shows that American corporations are out of control. Thanks, we actually figured that out years ago.

Michelle McGee knows why Jesse James cheated with her: "They slept with 9 dogs in the bed … [Sandra] liked to sleep with all the dogs in the bed."

And Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson finally admitted they’re together, but they say Pattinson is having the baby.