Are The Miss USA Officials Hypocrites For Posting Sexy ‘Glam’ Photos?

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Are you psyched for this year’s Miss USA pageant, being held Sunday at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas? Neither am I, but that’s mainly because this year lacks a certain, I don’t know, whiff of hypocritical sex scandal. Or a debate over gay marriage to spice things up. What it lacks, basically, is Carrie Prejean.

While the runner-up Miss USA 2009 has vanished off the face of the earth, pageant officials are no doubt scrambling to keep the ratings up for this year’s broadcast. What better way to get people to tune in to a show about beauty queens parading around in bikinis than an online photo gallery of those models rolling around in their beds, clad in lingerie?

Salon thinks they didn’t even get that right:

But as an outraged, humorless feminist, I have to ask: Who was the stylist on this thing? Because it looks like at least half those poor girls had to wear the same bra, shoes, white shirt and stockings. Their hair and makeup are all nearly identical, and photographer Fadil Berisha confined the ladies to standard-issue sexy poses. No wonder the photos are called their "glam" shots — they look like they were taken at the mall.

Now, now, let’s not all gang up on the photographer just because Miss USA probably demanded the ladies look as uncomfortable as possible, so as not to call Satan’s attention to them.