Last Links: Cute, Normal Women Giving Up Sex?

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So, apparently, lots of totally ordinary twenty-something women are just deciding to stop having sex, "like it was a juice fast." Weird, right?

This is a gift from me to you: The whole Sleigh Bells album, for your listening pleasure, 100% for free. You may thank me later.

I hate animal pictures on the internet. Really, I do. Even this one. They have no effect on my heart of stone. Ok, so it’s kind of cute. Aww, damnit, here.

Stephen Colbert might have the most sensible summary of the continuing BP-oil-spill fiasco. "No one knows what the fuck they’re doing."

Lady Gaga wearing crazy things? Not that interesting. Every single crazy thing Lady Gaga has ever worn in one big gallery? Kind of interesting. It just goes to show, everything is better when taken to its logical extreme – and when it’s festooned with ribbons made of hair.