Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Might Be a Lesbian, Should We Care?

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Ok. So you may have heard that Obama announced a new nominee to the Supreme Court. Also, she looks like a lesbian. (Whatever – stereotypes are bad, etc. etc. – but she reminds us of our eighth grade gym teacher in a pansuit.) She’s never confirmed nor denied the rumors regarding her sexuality, which in the grand tradition of Johnny Weir and Ricky Martin, means she’s gayer than Christmas morning. Gawker, in a groundbreaking work of journalism, has laid out both sides of the entirely-speculative argument.

The Pros: She’s generally pro-gay in her policies, against DADT, etc. Everyone at Harvard apparently knows her (female) partner, and she’s got all the circumstantials – unmarried, Melissa Ethridge-concert haircut, played softball, and was once photographed wearing plaid.

The Cons: She’s anti-gay marriage and Obama denied it, and presumably he wouldn’t lie about that, since it could get him in trouble later. And, of course, she has never actually said she’s gay.

I tend to think the policy stuff is neither here nor there; lots of straight folks support and are against DADT. But the haircut (sue me, I grew up with a bunch of lesbians, and they all had that look) and the softball and the fact that everybody knows her girlfriend makes me think she’s probably gay.

The big question is – should we care? On the one hand, let her personal life be her personal life. But on the other, she’s young. If she’s confirmed, she’ll be on the bench for decades, and something like that has a major effect on political opinions.

Plus, think of all the baby dykes. Don’t they need a role-model, a gay Elle Woods to empower them and shit? And if she’s not gay, she should definitely say something, so that the crazies will let her get elected. What do you guys think?