Oops, Bow Wow Offered To Pay For Sex Via Twitter

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Look, there are times when you tweet something you later regret impulsively. But this is just…really, really sloppy. Apparently, Bow Wow (formerly "Lil") meant to send a Direct Message to one of his Twitter followers, inquiring about the price of some "dome." Which means he either wants to pay for a BJ or remodel his home in neo-Classical style. Unfortunately for Mr. Wow, he just sent the damn thing to everyone:

People are naturally all atwitter (kill me) about his mistake. After all, who was he sending the message to?! It could anyone. It could be a guy! It could be Conan O’Brien! Scandalous. But I’d just like to take this moment to point out some other, smarter places Bow Wow could try to exchange money for sexual favors:

– Through a manager or something

– On the street

– At a brothel

– Anywhere

This ends today’s lesson.

Via MediaTakeOut.