Pretty Soon, Your Virginity Will Be Auctioned Off At A Brothel Cattle Call

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A documentary filmmaker is bringing his fellow Aussies stateside for a mass virginity auction at a legal brothel in Nevada.

Just when you thought virginity auctions had faded off the radar, now they’re back… and now with dudes willing to give it up. reports on this revitalized phenomenon, drummed up for a reality show:

"[Filmmaker Justin] Sisely will pay each virgin $20,000 and they will also receive 90 per cent of the sale price, with the remaining 10 per cent going to the Nevada brothel where the auction will be held."

Wow, that’s way better pay — just the $20K alone — than anyone on any first-season reality show has ever made.

One of the male virgins, known as Alex, 20, said he had applied as a way of meeting someone. Another candidate, known as Ronan, said he was sick of waiting for the right girl and would consider any offers.

"John" said he was willing to have sex with a male or female bidder.

"Money is a good incentive but I’m really more excited about the journey I’m about to go on," he said.

The project has infuriated family advocates, with Family First Senator Steve Fielding branding it "absurd, ridiculous and disgusting". []

One of the subjects, a young waitress named Veronica, said she hasn’t had a boyfriend in "two, three years" and decided that since most people "regret it," she doesn’t think it’ll be a big deal.