Let's not waste any time:

John McCain is "one of us." He feels that we should increase border control, deploy the National Guard, build twenty-foot-high steel bulwark around all of America so that no one can get in. Wait, that isn't how we feel. Nevermind.

Yeah, so, um, this is just despicable. Just offensive and despicable in every way. "Let's dress up some people like Indians in the way that you and I think of Indians and have them sarcastically thank the opposing candidate for jobs. Also, play some of that weird Indian music. Yeah."

If an ad has to be sponsored by shirtless Democrats, I would probably prefer it if they weren't Ohio Democrats. I'm sorry, that's probably not the point. Fight the good fight, brothers.

"If I could, I would put every sex offender in a cage. And every ninety days we would enter that cage, empty the filth bucket, and make them look long and hard into a mirror at their big, awful sex offending face. I fucking hate them. I wish I could kill everyone." - Tim James, Republican candidate for Alabama governor


Commentarium (5 Comments)

May 11 10 - 2:34pm

They're all really funny. I like Tim James the best. He's sooooo serious.

May 11 10 - 2:54pm

That McCain one is foreboding and creepy. I think we have a movie in the works...

May 11 10 - 3:17pm

Does Tim James know that the student who got caught streaking a college campus is a sex offender? Or that the guy who was caught peeing in public is a sex offender? Or the 18 year-old who slept with a 16 year-old? Ignorant ass

May 11 10 - 6:15pm

They're not going to build the wall to keep people out. It's to keep you in. Go figure.

May 12 10 - 9:30pm

That's exactly what those dirtbags want, to keep absolutely everybody out and turn the nation into a gulag! Even if they didn't say anything about keeping out legal immigrants you know that's what's in their cold black little racist hearts!

Wait, I didn't mean black like THAT...uh oh