What’s The Quickest Way To A Tween Girl’s Heart?

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Well, look like Justin Bieber, obviously. But while that blow-out hairdo might get you far, actually showing musical talent will really seal the deal. (Um, not that any of you should be hoping to seal the deal with a tween.) Luckily, that’s just what the boy in this video did.

A caveat: in this video, a sixth-grade boy performs his own version of [artist]’s hit "Paparazzi." I know some of you don’t share my appreciation for [artist], so I’m not going to name [artist] here. Please be aware, however, that the involvement of [artist] is not the important part of this video. No, the important part is that this kid is definitely going to get some under-the-shirt action at the next middle-school dance, if he manages to actually talk to a girl.

If only we all could have been so self-assured in middle school.

Via Vulture.