While You Were Sleeping: Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Sex

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Two Harry Potter stars got engaged — sadly, one of them plays Ginny Weasley.

No, Sarah Palin and Bill O’Reilly, you don’t get to have a National Day of Prayer just because you’ve made up your own U.S. Constitution.

Elena Kagan, Obama’s latest Supreme Court pick told then-President Clinton that it would be best to go along with the Congressional plan to ban late-term abortions. Although both sides will dwell on this, it probably doesn’t mean very much.

Check out Die Antwoord‘s exclusive, somewhat vulgar first-ever U.S. interview from Coachella.

Here are eight reasons to refrain from having sex with someone, most of which is sound advice to me.

People seem to be equally moved by passages from "The Outliers" and the work of Dan Brown, which is mighty strange.

This woman on the People’s Court has obviously never been in a courtroom. She’s also obviously never seen one on TV, somehow.

And Claudia Schiffer is naked and pregnant on the cover of this month’s Vogue. What do you think?