Comedy Central Cancels Sarah Silverman

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When I imagine the meeting between Sarah Silverman and Comedy Central, I imagine CC going, "Sarah, your ratings are low and we don’t know if we can keep you on the air." And then Sarah would say something like, "Ok, I understand my ratings have been up and down. But I have a really loyal audience and people seem to like what I’m doing and I think I’m good for the Comedy Central image."

"But, Boooobz, lol?" CC says.

"I understand Boobz lol," Sarah says, her voice softening. "But my show really isn’t that crazy-expensive to make, you seem to throw away a lot of money of making new shows with weak points of view that get canceled almost immediately, plus I already have a fan base and a mostly positive relationship with critics. Also, I’m a name."

"Boobz lol, Sarah. I’m sorry."

But we shouldn’t trash CC like that since their new show lineup for 2010 and 2011 seems pretty stellar. Still, The Sarah Silverman Program was a new chapter for them (or an on-and-off chapter that lasted three seasons) that came to a too-early close. We hope to see Silverman doing new and interesting things sometime soon.