Image Of The Day: Christina Aguilera Half-Naked… With Leather

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Christina Aguilera is definitely growing on me. I couldn’t even stand to hear her name back when "Genie In The Bottle" was played between every radio station’s commerical breaks, but she’s become somewhat more interesting in the last several years, shying away from the spotlight, avoiding paparazzi incidents and drunken stupidity and not always releasing awful music.

The married mother of one is also getting hotter as she approaches her 30th birthday. That obviously helps.

Christina Aguilera is nude on the cover of German GQ. She is wearing only gloves and Louboutin boots. Christina’s new album, Bionic, drops on June 8th. The edgy music video for her first single, "Not Myself Tonight," was unveiled at the end of last month. [Via]

What do you guys think? Is she more tolerable now?