Last Links: Get Revenge On Your Ex, Mail Her Crabs

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Pissed at your ex-boy or girlfriend? Why don’t you mail him STD? With, you can send your ex-lovers packages of living pubic lice. In the site’s words, "Make the bitch itch."

Everyone’s already been calling her a lesbian; now that she’s making her Supreme Court bid official, is Elena Kagan obligated to open up? Or can she tell us to shut up and mind our own business?

From the serious to the well…stupid. A list of twenty four people who look like Elena Kagan, including Mathew Broderick and Jabba the Hut. Some funny, some dead-on, and some just downright mean.

A new tumblr combines stern photos, funny captions and just a dash of racism: High Expectations of an Asian Father. "No homework? I make you some." Even if you don’t have an Asian father, you can probably relate. 

And good thing we’re equal opportunity mockers.  Kids are terrible, too. Seriously. It’s a wonder any of us ever have sex.