Video: James Franco Makes Dessert With Artist Marina Abramovic

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Don’t worry, it’s weird dessert. Franco – who has been sighted flirting with the artist at her MoMa show – visited her in her New York apartment to make a gold-encrusted almond ball as part of a video segment shot for The Wall Street Journal. You know, things. New York! James Franco! Dessert ball! You might know Marina Abramovic from her one million year-long MoMa show where sits in a flowing gown and stares until you leave, or her other much talked-about installment, Naked People In A Doorway.

How is it – video of James Franco navigating gingerly around subject matter that confuses him – that you only come to my attention now? You are from December, the oldest time. I’ve been saying that James Franco should eat gold leaf meditation balls FOR EVER and then I find out The Wall Street Journal did it in the winter when no one was watching. Thanks, WSJ. I guess I’ll read you now.

Via Huffpo