While You Were Sleeping: Impregnated By 3-D?

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A famous pop star we are tired of talking about did something awesome — she walked around Germany in her underwear, touching people on the nose. (No, it wasn’t Amy Winehouse.)

Liz Phair gave a rare and extensive interview about her music career, surprise new record, TV scoring, and that upcoming novel. Woman’s pretty much unstoppable.

White Castle is selling burger-scented candles for $10 to raise money for an autism foundation.

Laura Bush confirmed her pro-choice and pro-gay marriage views on an appearance on "Larry King Live."

Is one of our longtime crushes, Minnie Driver, wearing a wedding ring in this photo? Hopefully not.

Avatar‘s Blu-Ray sales have topped six million — who knew that many people (besides me) own these damn players?

There’s a story circulating, mainly on StumbleUpon, about a woman who told her husband she was impregnanted by a 3D porno. Of course, there’s no way something like that would be even worth passing around as a joke, let alone attempting to pass off as a "news story," but someone tried. (There are so many holes in this story, you have to wonder if it was from The Onion originally — for example, the wife claims she hasn’t had sex in a while, since her husband is in the military, yet she took a pregnancy test anyway? Dude, hubby, you are being duped.)