While You Were Sleeping: Topless Sunbather Saves The World

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Taiwan is going nuts for a rare topless show at one of its grandest hotels — anyone got any free plane tickets lying around for me?

Karl Lagerfeld and his naughty model friend have set up a strange stripping website that you’ll just have to read about here.

One Facebook ad suggests that those who are $10,000 or more in debt should become hookers.

“If I could issue hunting permits, I would officially declare today opening day for liberals. The season would extend through November 2 and have no limits on how many taken as we desperately need to “thin” the herd.” Nope, that isn’t some wacko Red State blogger, that’s a decent, everyday American running for Congress in the Bay Area.

An Australian woman probably saved lives when she stopped sunbathing topless at the first sign of a fire and stepped into work a hose.

Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne hate each other — this is what happens when you give kids drugs and alcohol and too much money… they just turn out like this.

And here’s some surprising info you probably didn’t know: the Google Android is the #2 cell phone operating system in the U.S., behind the Blackberry and ahead of the iPhone.