Ashley Madison Reports Huge Surge Of New Cheating Women Users

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Ashley Madison, the dating website for cheaters, claims to have had a huge spike in new female members since Mother’s Day. According to reports by Mom Logic, 31,427 women signed up for the site on Monday, the day after what was supposed to be their special one.

Let’s assume, first, that this is true — even if those numbers from are slightly inflated, it doesn’t seem all that surprising that they could see a jump in female users the day after many American women dealt with disappointment over their own supposed pampering and day of rest. Aren’t researchers always telling us a lot of women seek affairs when they don’t feel doted on, or when they want to live a life without kids running around, destroying their ability to relax for five minutes?

Not saying those researchers are right, but would that explain the phenomenon? If not, what would? (I should also note that Ashley Madison claims most of the women who signed up for the site this week say they have been considering having an affair for some time.)

By the way, as a side note, Scanner Ben wrote a piece a while back that included this tidbit:

According to extramarital dating site, the year’s biggest boost in membership comes in the last weeks of February — hard proof that in these dreary times, if there’s sunshine to be found, it’s in the pants of a coworker.

Via Mom Logic.