Female Supporter Gets A Bit Too Personal With President Obama

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If you had the chance to meet the President, what would you say? Would you figure out a clear, concise way to express your concern over an important political issue? About the war in Iraq, maybe, or the BP oil spill, or "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell"? If you could have your voice heard — literally — by possibly the most powerful man in the whole world, what would you want to tell him? This is your chance to speak up. To carry the banner for your cause. To take action!

Or, you could just hit on him, like this woman did when Obama made a surprise visit to Buffalo, NY:

"You’re a hottie with a smokin’ little body," Luann Haley, 45, told the president.

Obama replied by giving Haley a hug, but warning that his wife might be watching.

"That’s all right,’’ Haley responded. She then turned to the TV cameras and quipped: “Hi Michelle, eat your heart out.”

President Obama and Justin Bieber: more alike than you may have thought!

Via The Hill.