Real Or Fake: Jacking-Off Jelly Baby

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Is that a jelly candy shaped like a creepy, leering man wanking it while totally nude? Why… why, yes, it most certainly is.

But unlike those pieces of toast that looked like religious icons or whatever else people are seeing in their food these days, this one was manufactured this way… and probably on purpose.

The Sun has the blow-by-blow:

Lyz Parker, 23, found him in a bag of Candy King she got at Tesco Home Plus in Staines, Middlesex.

She said: "When I opened the bag I screamed so loudly the whole office came running over. I couldn’t believe my eyes."

Lyz, from Camberley, Surrey, called Candy King but at first they thought it was a prank call. The firm is now investigating, and said yesterday: "Clearly this is not part of Candy King’s assortment.

"We expect better behaviour from our jelly sweets. We’ll raise it with the supplier."

What do you think? Let’s assume it’s a real candy and this is a "real" story in the sense that The Sun didn’t make it up entirely. Do you think Candy King designed this guy to look like that on purpose?