Will Arnett and Mitch Hurwitz Pair Up For Another Fox Sitcom

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YES. Don’t say that thing, "It will be awesome and then Fox will cancel it, BOO FOX," because we know this and we’ve heard it and we should all count our blessings that talented people can come together and create wonderful comedy on a network whose sensibility is diametrically opposed to their own in the first place. Like a warlock, Fox is a dark and strange but sometimes wondrous thing.

The show, Running Wilde, stars Arnett as a Beverly Hills tool (see riding breeches above) that falls for a goodhearted earth-mother type played by Keri Russell. I’m usually the first to write off Keri "feelings" Russell as a good choice for any role, but this feels right. The whole endeavor feels right even if it doesn’t last.

Via LA Times blog