Chung Chung: Law & Order Officially Cancelled After Millions of Years

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It is said that when Law & Order finally goes of the air, Jörmungandr the World Serpent will poison the sky and the world will be flooded. Also, 90% of actors in New York City will be out of work. The day of reckoning is come! According to Vulture:

NBC just issued a press release announcing that the flagship Law & Order has been, as previously reported, officially canceled. Creator Dick Wolf was not quoted in the press release, which suggests he’s at least playing P.O.-ed, even though NBC insiders are confirming Vulture’s previous report that NBC did offer to bring the show back, for a shortened, more cost-effective run and Wolf was the one who balked.

Obviously, L&O has been showing its age in recent years, and it certainly doesn’t have the same glory as it did when Jerry Orbach was on it, but it was an institution and I’m actually a bit sad to see it go. I guess only one question remains:

Is this because I’m a lesbian?