Gold-Spewing ATM Installed In Abu Dhabi

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Oscar Wilde once said: "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." Now I’m no English lit crackerjack, but I can safely assume Mr Wilde’s words were uttered well before the discovery of oil began blowing gold all over the Middle East. 

A brand spanking new gold-dispensing ATM (yup) has been installed in a hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The machine updates exchange rates every ten minutes, is packed with high-falootin’ security tech, and is, of course, stupidly expensive to use. So why would someone want to hastily convert their cash to gold? Well, you know, to protect their money from a looming global hyper-inflation. And then, we suppose, use that gold to build a small community in the Rocky Mountains where blue ribbon CEOs, artists and scientists can wait out the economic collapse of a communalistic dystopian Earth (spoiler alert for curious objectivists!).