Matt Lauer Latest ‘Never-Would’ve-Guessed-It’ Celebrity To Have A Sex Scandal

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You would never guess that the charming, wholesome guy who never seems to get angry or creepy or slip up on the air would reveal his "dark side" in the messiest way imaginable.

(Well, at least there’s no sex tape… yet.)

Matt Lauer, the very popular Today Show anchor, has been dogged by cheating allegations for years, but everyone thought they were just smears from the Scientology camp trying to get back at him for making Tom Cruise look bad. Then the Olympics came to Vancouver.

Matt stood Annette up for Valentine’s Day, choosing instead to stay in Vancouver, where a source says Matt was often spotted boozing and flirting with women – in particular two pretty Canadian broadcasters.

Lauer denied all accusations, insisting the women were just friends, but after two non-stop days of fighting finally moved out into his own digs.

The Radar report continues by stating that Lauer "cheated" with a married woman in 2000, although those are, of course, allegations. Curiously, they don’t mention the early reports we heard, which claimed the "other woman" was none other than Meredith Vieira.