This Week In Sex: Boob Explosion

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A woman claiming to an Amish porn star (okay, she say she grew up Amish and has done some nude modeling) showed up on the Howard Stern Show. (See below.)

This story about the G-shot sexual revitalization procedure is interesting, but better yet is this New Orleans news anchor’s response: "I guess she’s enjoying penis a lot more these days."

There’s a new documentary series called The Bi-Deology Project, and it’s all about women who have dated bisexual men. Now when will have the YouTube video response series about men who have dated bisexual women? Get it on it, people.

"According to research with sexually active people in four Nordic countries, engaging in group sex is the most popular fantasy for people from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway."

We’re going to have to quote this review of James Franco’s student film verbatim because it’s so unforgettable: "It pretty much had no plot and featured men in clown masks, men in dog masks, and shots of male genitalia urinating. I think everyone was shocked by how much male nudity there was."

A popular Ivy League sex blogger has resurfaced as a possible abstinence champion, headlining a conference called Rethinking Virginity.

We kind of chuckled at the idea of Tila Tequila having a "boob explosion," but this isn’t quite what we had in mind.

And our weekly photo roundup: Gisele Bundchen advertised Hope Lingerie, the Amish porn star, Tila Tequila’s booby trap, more sexy Miss USA girls, and another set of nude photos from Clare Grant (Seth Green’s new bride)…